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Builders Mate Estimating Software

Extension & Renovation


I have been using this estimating software for five years now, in one version or another. I could not imagine estimating without it now, easy to use, easy to update material and labour prices to suit your needs. It will allow you to price work in no time at all, As a recent example I used the estimating software to work out how many plasterboards I needed 60 in total and accurate to within half a sheet, no waste. And i have got to say exceptional value for the money and great after sales backup.

P.Scott Builders.

Thanks for all your help Kevin with the new package, its great. Bought KMS T mate about 3 years ago after struggling long with HBXL estimating tool. I found it great. I also ended up buying Estimator Express, which again far too complex and expensive. I priced 2 jobs with both packages and the cost was nearly the same but done in a quarter of the time!

A great and simple estimating tool and spot on!

Thanks Joe Dixon

What a great product just what we need as we are starting on our own. This will give us a more professional edge than our local competitors and for the right price as well, I take my hat off to you for developing such a great tool. Many thanks for the great service I am sure I will be asking some questions in the near future when I get stuck, only joking.

Best regards

Paul Jones

I must say the programme is fantastic it is making my life much easier and did not realise how much I was off on my pricing up.

Many thanks


Hi Kevin just wondered if there was much difference from the last software as I use it on all my estimates and its the best money I have ever spent """,

Regards Paul Irwin

I recently purchased your software (sometime this year) however I made the purchase as an instant download, and since having had to wipe my hard drive, and reinstall windows, I have lost all correspondence in relation to the program.

Please help as I am in desperate need of the program for my estimates.


Simon Rawlinson ( Loveden Construction)

Hello Kevin, my name is Paul Rust and I recently purchased your software. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I must say what an easy programme it is to use. Not knowing how to use Excel, by trial and error but always keeping the original, I am trying to adapt it for our main line of business in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Hopefully I shall get it just the way I want it. All I really wanted to say was thank you for developing a software programme that should increase our profits while allowing me more family time in the evenings. Well done.

Paul Rust

Purchased your estimating software off eBay some time ago, can you please send me the updates as mentioned on your software. Great program

Many thanks


Hi Kevin,

Just a quick email to say I have gladly purchased this software and its just what I needed, my company carries out small maintenance work on property's but like you said in a previous email I can pick bits out for my personal use and add for other jobs I carry out as well, Can't understand why HBXL , and Easy Price Pro is so expensive compared to yours ,

Thanks very much


Hello Kevin

I would like to thank you for all your help with the down loading of your estimating file, as you will have guest I might be alright with building work but when it comes to computers I am pretty rubbish. I have tried it and think It will be a great help to me and pay for itself in no time.

Once again thanks to you and your wife for your help.

Kindest regards

Bob Carrick


John (shiresuk) here, old customer of yours, great program used many times but computer crashed lost all data and programs no back ups can you help!!!

- shiresuk

Hi Kev

Used the program for the First time, works really well, very impressed. The only thing that I was surprised at is there is no section for decorating.

Paul Humpfries

Hi Kev

I requested a hard disk copy when I bought the software and it has'nt arrived yet. Just wondered if there was a problem. Great program by the way, should be very useful.

Thanks Tom

Great program thanks. Tom Radcliffe

Hi Kev,

Incidently, I showed a fellow builder the package and he's going to order one from you. He's using HBXL at present and thinks your software is simpler and provides far more realistic quotes. Not to mention your package is a fraction of the cost. Nice one mate

Tony Perrin

Thanks Kev.

I got the file ok, I'll be using it KMS-Tmate saves me loads of time and I’m recommending it to others too. Good work!

Nicolas Spall

Hi Kevin,

This is even better than I thought.

Cant wait for the new version.

Best regards Tony

HI Kev it's all sorted now mate it was my fault, Thanks for all your help. I will highly recommend your service



Hi Kev it all downloaded with the greatest of ease thank you for your product it will save me lot time we are only small company of 4.

Thanks Mark